Estimated Completion Time: 20-30 minutes.

Video overview of task


To help us choose the right candidate, we are asking all applicants to provide a video evaluating our website. This aim of this task is to gauge your analytical and communication skills, as well as your insight into user experience.

The current platform has been designed by a generalist without specific design skills, and developed by a single engineer. We have now expanded our development team and are hiring a full time developer so that we can overhaul the designs of the platform and maintain a higher quality going forward.

The purpose of this task is to get your first impressions of the platform and what you consider to be systemic issues with the UI/UX. We appreciate that to do this justice and really consider the designs could take weeks to months, and we are not expecting a thorough review. Instead, we are hoping that you could spend 20 minutes or so using the platform and then record a 5 minute video of your high level thoughts.


  1. Accessing the Platform:
  2. Review Platform:
  3. Analysis & Documentation:
  4. Submission:

Notes on Loom Video